The main focus of ballet barre workout is on leg strength and flexibility. A girl, who is very much conscious about her fitness and also sports devotee, the ballet barre workout should be a perfect choice for her.

Barre Workout The barre exercises mainly depend upon one’s bodyweight for resistance and body balance. Barre workouts are very helpful for a girl to achieve a body structure like a dancer and strength of like an athlete. With consistence to this workout, girls can find their bodies become slimmer and more flexible. Combination of barre workout with few cardio components can able to elevate your heart rate and burn a large amount of calories. Typically, most barre workout are about an hour long and these workout consist of a 10-15 minute warm up, 10-15 minutes of light weights (upper body portion), 25-30 minutes of barre exercises (mostly lower body portion) and finally 10-15 minutes of floor work that includes different abdominals and lower body exercises. Here is a sample of a barre workout: Penche
Ballet Barre 1.jpg
Start with the step named “Penche”. At first, turned out your feet and thighs according to ballerina-style. Grasp the seat of a chair and forward the back flat. Try to lift up your right leg behind your body straightly and keep it up until it reaches the hip joint. Repeat this step 10-20 times.

Wide Plie

Widen your legs apart from your body with a bending knee position directly over your toes. Do it repeatedly 10-20 times by lifting and lowering the heels together. Pretzel Extension Sit on the floor with bending your left knee and try to keep your right knee straight behind it. Then bend the right knee slowly and straighten again. Continue this process 10-15 times.

Kneeling Gate

Keep your left palm and left knee on the floor. Place your right hand behind the ear and extend the right leg. While extending the leg try to keep it parallel to the floor. Then make 10 small circles in one direction, then 10 in the other by moving the right leg on the air. Repeat the same step with another leg.

Ballet Workout

Ballet workouts are also able to develop strength and flexibility to your body. Ballet exercises are also very helpful to build lean muscle. Here is a sample of a ballet workout.

Grande Plie

Ballet Barre 1.jpg
Grand plie is one of the most basic moves in ballet. At the first position, only stand with your heels. Use a chair or bar as a support. Then start pushing your knees out and over repeatedly over your pointed-out toes. Continue this step 15-20 times.

Lateral Leg Lift

In this step you also need the support of bar or chair. Grasp the chair and hold your body erect with taking deep breath. While inhaling, hold the chair with your right hand and lift forward your left leg and left arm. Repeat this process with your right leg and arm. Continue this step 10-15 times.

Standing Hip Extension

According to, a standing hip extension can tone the glutes and thighs. First, stand behind the chair and grasp the back of the chair with bending your hip. As long as you cannot feel any strain in your back continue lifting your left leg backward. Then pump your leg five times before coming back to the starting position. Keep repetition of this step 10-15 times.